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I'm an artist living in Cincinnati OH; I work in a space at Essex Studios.  The paintings shown here are selected from my current work. Their inspiration started with the opportunity to create a body of work for a solo show in the spring of 2008 entitled Tune In, Turn On, Hook Up. The show focused my interest in portraiture and got me thinking about doing a series of portraits of people and characters from popular culture who engaged my imagination from childhood to the present day. Since the show I’ve continued and expanded the series to include personal favorites from across the spectrum of popular culture, history and friends and people that inspire.

The liberties I’ve taken in depicting them are meant kindly and in fun or to draw out more evocative readings from the audience. It is no secret that photographs have informed these paintings and I am indebted to Chuck Close for powerfully using the photograph as subject and object. I also appreciate Warhol’s elevation of pop celebrity. I am an admirer of the work of Ed Paschke, one of the Chicago Hairy Who, and Daniel Watson, whose works made me feel very free to enjoy color to the highest degree.


In my studio

About the contents of this site

This site is fairly straight forward but to avoid confusion I'm using the sections "projects" to show you my public mural projects and I'm using the "photo gallery" section to show additional paintings and drawings.

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